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This Wikia is devoted to creating an enjoyable RP site based off the book series "Warriors Cats" by Erin Hunter. It is a modifed canon RP site. New members are always welcome! However you must follow our rules. Any user who keeps breaking those rules will be banned! Here is the complete list of Rules. WE ARE CURRENTLY IN REVAMP. TO JOIN UP TO HELP REVAMP THE SITE, PLEASE SEE MY USER PAGE AND TALK PAGE. THANK YOU. -Dark My Talk Page 02:00, June 19, 2014 (UTC)


This is a roleplaying site! We have StarClan and ShadowClan. Join one if you like!

To join, just put your cats name, description, a picture of your cat and your username in the ARTICLE COMMENTS of the Clan you want to join, or ask an admin for help!

Links are below:

StarClan Camp! Join here!

ShadowClan Camp

Or if you don't want to join a Clan check out this link:

Cats and other animals outside the Clans

Thank you, and have fun!

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