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Hi, Welcome to Related Cats Riddles! This is how it works:

Let's say I asked you, "Who is Firestar's, Sister's Son?" You would find out who Firestar's sister is, which is Princess and then who her son is, which is Cloudtail. You would write it like this:

Firestar - Princess - Cloudtail


Also, please put your signature after your answer, and seperate different peoples answers with ----,so we're not confused :) Thank you! -Sandstar1051


Previously Asked Questions and Answers

1.Who is Sandstorm's, Father's, Mate's, Sister's, Daughter's, Mate?


2.Who is Bluestar's, First Deputy's, Daughter's, Mate's, Sister?


3. Who is Firestar's, Nephew's, Grandfather's, Son's, Mate's, Father?

A: Redtail

4. Who is Brackenfur's, Mate's, Daughter's, Apprentice's, Sister's, Mentor's, Grandfather's, Mate's, Father's, Oldest Sister's, Mate?


5. Who is Birchfall's, Mate's, Father's, Mate's, Sister's, Apprentice's, Apprentice?


6.Who is Bluestar's, First Deputy's, Daughter's, Mate's, First Deputy's, Last Apprentice?


7.Who is Stormfur's, Sister's, Mentor's, Deputy's, Grandfather's, Brother?


8.Who is Dustpelt's, Brother's, Mentor's, Granddaughter's, Uncle's, Half-Sister's, Apprentice?


9.Who is Rosepetal's, Half-Sister's, Apprentice's, Half-Brother's, Mate's, Brother?

A:Talon of Swooping Eagle(Talon)

10.Who is Icecloud's, Littermate's, Father's, Mother's, Mate's, Apprentice's, Brother's, Mother?


11.Who is Breezepelt's, Grandmother's, Son's, Daughter's, Mentor's, Mate's, Mother's, Mate's, Mentor?


12. Who was Silverstream's mate's mentor's sister's mate's mother's mate's deputy?

A: Sunstar

13. Brindleface's, son's, sister's, mate's, first son's, (former) mate's, first mate's, daughter's, brother's, first mate's, killer?

A: A snake


Can you post some more riddles?ShadeflowerWarrior of StarClan 18:50, August 9, 2010 (UTC)

MaybeSandstarLeader of Starclan

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