Welcome to StarClan!Edit


We will be converting to a system like CoTC. It is in the works, but I'm sure you will all be very happy with it, and it will make the clan pages easier to edit!

The CatsEdit


Sandstar- Lithe Sand-colored she-cat with Stormy green eyes. Can control the element of Earth. (Reserved for Sandstar1051)

Lunapic 128083529751540 5


Deputy: None currently, comment below for 'applying!'Edit

Medicine Cat:Edit

Hollyleaf-Tortoiseshell she-cat with sky blue eyes, very bold. (Reserved for Hollyleaf:D)

App: Rosepaw


Redtooth- red/orange tom with a scar on his face- played by Darkcloud!


Mintleaf-Brown tabby tom with mint green eyes, Mate:Gingerheart (Reserved for Hollyleaf:D)


Crystalwing-White she-cat with gray tail, blackish ear, and yellow marking markings near tail, ear and eyes, pale blue eyes, mother of Stardust's kits. Mate:Stardust (Reserved for Hollyleaf:D)

Clawfrost- reddish looking tom, son of Redtooth.-played by Darkcloud!


Rosepaw- A pinkish colored she-cat. Mentor: Hollyleaf- played by Darkcloud!

Leafpaw- White she-cat with beautiful green eyes, and pale gray stripes

Honeypaw- White-and orange she-cat with dusky eyes

Lightpaw- Small light gray tabby she-cat with a fluffy white tipped tail, paws, and chest. Sky-blue eyes. Mentor:Redtooth- SandstarTalk to me...☆

Lunapic 128360104098033 6



PetalfurXRedtooth's Kits (5 1/2 moons old)



Marshkit- a lightly striped she-cat



Petalfur-Creamy brown she-cat. Very fluffy. Mate:Redtooth. Very friendly, but strict.

Kits:Daisykit, Marshkit.




Robinwing, brown she-cat with green eyes and a slightly yellowed muzzle

Exiled CatsEdit



The CampEdit

Talltree- A very big Oak tree located to the right of the entrance to the camp. This is where the Clan meetings are held. There is a long stable branch about halfway up the tree where the leader stands.

Leader's Den- Located at the base of Talltree. The entrance is covered in Lichen, and the floor is covered in sand

Warrior's Den: A large Bramble bush located to the left of the entrance to the camp.

Medicine Den: A large split rock, now a cave. Located at the back of the camp.

Apprentice's Den: A pebble cave, grows moss well, trickles of water inside fall down

Entrance to camp: Large rocks and brambles make a tunnel to the camp.


  • We can hunt from trees, and underground. We also have strong legs and pads.
  • StarClan cats specialize in using the stars to guide their paths, and have a very strong connection to MoonClan.


  • PetalfurXRedtooth

Fresh Kill PileEdit

  • 3 Vole(s)
  • 1 Thrush(es)
  • 4 Squirrel(s)
  • 7 Mice
  • 1 Starling(s)
  • 2 Blackbird(s)
  • 2 Shrew(s)


  • No cursing(Fox-brain, Crow-food Etc. are acceptable)
  • Follow the Warrior Code
  • No deleting anybody's posts(replacing counts too)
  • No detail mating!!


None yet~

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