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    July 23, 2010 by Cloverheart1991

    "Greetings."*Dips head,lookin terrified*"I am sorta confused and I dont get how to start."*Fear in gaze, sits.* "My name is Cloverheart,and I wanted to become a warrior of Starclan. My first time doin one of these and I dont wana bother or offend anyone.If I do anything wrong tell me and I'll stop .You say that you would like me off and I'll be gone, no hesetation. But if you please, tell me what i'm supossed to do! I was told by Darkcloud to talk to you. I didnt know how to send you a message so I put it on here.I am the most loyal warrior you can find.I wont leave a clan in need. I respect the warrior code.Read my profile if you like! My username is Cloverheart1991, So if you need any diffrent info its on there.

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