This next prophecy is starting with EarthClan, the sudden number of new warriors, and they will attack, and cats will die, and StarClan escapes, and then we regroup, then we notice strange things, and this is when Snowlight and Shademask have kits. :D Well, one of the kits is odd, and after she grows to be 2 moons, that battle will start. I am doing a pack for the second battle in my prophecy.

Okay, and ideas and questions below, please! :D

The idea of the prophecy is:
Something about balance tipping over

Something about MoonClan taking souls/the 'end' , yes, Holly will die, your cat will NOT know.

Something about claws coming to kill, or something, HELP! D:

Yours truly,

OKAY! STORY HERE! Sorry, ma friend suggested owls, they were bigger and more scary than rats.


Many moons ago, a group of owls lived in peace. But one day, cats attacked and slaughtered many of them. The group then seeked revenge on those who had killed their family. They plotted to find them and kill them to avenge the death, but as they seeked for them, they managed to see a tiny kit. They took them, and the leader, Aligrete, made sure it grew to become a useful help. So when the cat found them, they attacked, but they were quickly were turned back. To that day, they always knew that they would avenge, having more and more rise with them, soon, they were ready.

The group is large, about more than 50. P:

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