This is going to be breif, still.


Crowfeather looked at Leafpool, his eyes burning. Jaykit, Lionkit,and Hollykit tumbled around, a few days old. Crowfeather was the first to speak. "What do you mean these are our kits? I am not your mate! You are a medicine cat, you will never have kits. Those are your sisters, aren't they? Nightcloud's kit is with me, my only kit." He brought out a small black scrap, that blinked, and joined his half-siblings in playing. "I am speaking the truth! Look at them. Lionkit has my eyes, my pelt, and Jaykit has your mother's pelt and your eyes! Hollykit, go up there, Hollykit has your pelt, and my father's eyes! They are ours." Crowfeather shook his head, and argued, "Brambleclaw's eyes are on Lionkit, Squirrelflight's eyes are on Hollykit, and your inherited pelt from your mother is on Lionkit too! They are not your kits. Nice try." He scooped up Breezekit, and padded away, his tail signal indicating, "Good riddance!" Leafpool stared after them ,and padded away with her kits.

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