(This takes place between Sunrise and OOTS)

Every night, she'd wished for answers. The world she once lived in, when she was naive and young, was as thin as a spiderweb, and it didn't take much for it to give way.

Every night, she'd wished for power, like her brothers. She'd wanted with all her heart to become a medicine cat, for to have such a title meant she'd be listened to.

Every night, she'd wished for love. As far as she knew, she had no parents, no one to love her, except her brothers. But she wasn't sure about even them.

Every night.

But that was my past.

This, this is now.

Hollyleaf's eyes shone in the pale moonlight that came into the hole as she began to think about how she would gain revenge on the cats that lied to her.


Yeah. When I said it was mini, I meant REALLY mini. Comments and ratings appreciated.

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