Hi! I'm writing my own Warriors Special Edition! Squee! This is about my most favoritest (lol) cat ever- ASHFUR!


Dark feelings clouded his eyes as the dark grey tom began to realize the truth of the two cats standing in front of him. The dark ginger she-cat was no longer enemies with the tabby tom beside her. The ground seemed to lurch, and he began to wish that the ground would swallow him up to take away the horrible image in front of him. He could just recall a faded conversation that had happened but heartbeats before. She had rejected him, after he thought she loved him, after all he had gone through.

Now she was just chatting and gossiping, as though she had never flung him into this horrible nightmare. And she had hurt him, and the pain stung worse that any scar or wound.

A familiar scent wafted around him; one from many moons ago. "Is that..." the tom half-whispered, barely able to contain his grief. "Could it be..."

"Yes..." a sweet voice mewed softly. "I have seen you, and she is not good enough for you, Ashfur, my darling, my only."

"But I thought she..." Ashfur began to speak, but was cut off by an angry hiss.

"No! No, she wasn't! She was unable to even give a mouse's tail about your feelings. No, Ashfur," she said, sliding back into a sweet voice, "Squirrelflight was never the right one. You were only meant for one thing."

"What is that?" Ashfur whispered, barely able to speak.

"Darkness, doom, despair..." the voice meowed in his ear. "I must go now, my dear. Goodbye..."

"No, Sweetstorm! Don't go... Don't leave me..."

And there he sat as it began to rain, unable to look away from the two cats together, their tails intertwining, unable to stop himself from hearing their conversation, unable to clamber out of this twisted reality. Unable to stop thinking of what he had always known would come true.

So, you like? :D

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