My littermates and mother were dead, killed by my father.

My mother, Steamleaf, had been in a quarrel with my father, Moonpelt, for moons, til it grew to so much rage, he had killed her in a flurry of blood and claws. Me and my wide-eyed littermates cowered in fear as he stalked towards her with intense hunger in his amber eyes.

Nightkit was the first to make a sound, and she made the mistake of squeaking, "Jaystar is going to exile you!"

Moonpelt's eyes flashed. "So you'd tell Jaystar."

"Yes, of course, as a member of my Clan, I must--"

Moonpelt leaped at my sister and, with a flick of his claws, slicd her neck apart. Her body fell to the ground, her black fur stained with blood. He turned to myself and my brother, Woodkit, and meowed, "Which of you can keep my secret?"

Woodkit, fear and courage in his eyes, stood up. "I cannot keep your secret, or whatever you may call killing. Kill me now."

Moonpelt stopped for a heartbeat, then snarled, "Your choice."

And there, my brave littermate died at the paws of my father.

I ran. I ran away from all I had known, my killing father, my leader's glare, the place of my birth. I ran until I reached another Clan.

StarClan, where I forged a new life, and began to forget about my lttermates.

But I never quite could.


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