Yes, I'm doing this instead of the... erm, other idea's stupidity. So here it is!

Scourge: After Death, Life is Reborn

Part One: My Deserving Death

He was appalled, really, at the nerve of these ignorant cats. They'd surely all die; or, at the very least, be weakened by the loss of so many. For his army was simply too strong. At least, that's how Scourge saw it. And, after killing the one everyone seemed to respect most, he'd thought they'd retreat, or join HIS Clan. He'd killed the supposed enemy, the threat, the most hated of them all, for one reason.

The feared one was a threat to these many, many cats. And that meant he was a threat to Scourge. After all, Tigerpaw had almost killed him as a kit; why would he forgive him as a leader, the feared Tigerstar? With a flick of his claws, the gaping wound that had opened Tigerstar's belly had been a killing blow. He'd thought leaders had nine lives; and Tigerstar had lost none. But the dying cat never got up, the wound never healed. Now, there wasn't even a shard of belief in Scourge that StarClan existed.

But then, after he killed that soft, stupid leader called Firestar, he saw what had happened. One moment, he was limp, his pelt stained with blood, and his eyes blank and cloudy. Then, in a heartbeat, everything changed. His pelt turned from lifeless to radiating with energy. The dull look in his eyes had given way to pure courage and anger. But what frightened Scourge the most was that he could see what power StarClan had given to him. He saw it in Firestar's eyes. The knowledge of his weakness.

And now, due to the simple fact that Scourge had no belief in anything except raw power, he was dead.

Yes, yes, there's a part two. Or three. Or four. Or maybe even more! All I know is that the next chapter is going to be about after death, and where he actually goes. *hint! not starclan or the dark forest! it's a place i made up!*

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